Our expertise

We create Trade Marketing concepts to captivate shoppers



In a fast-paced and widely digital environment, it is ever harder for new products to make their way to the consumer.


We have an extensive knowledge of the shopper insights, of the retail environment and a hunger for new trends.


Creating successful, dedicated and value-added trade marketing concepts is in our DNA. We love to create your next co-branded promotion, limited edition or exclusives kit.




We design and manufacture branded accessories



Our creative team brilliantly designs dedicated accessories to customise your products and increase differentiation. We conscientiously take care of the manufacturing, kitting and logistics.




We showcase your product with integrated communication campaigns



We focus on creating and developing effective integrated communication campaigns that will maximise the digital and in-store visibility of your product.

We design and print packaging and

Point of Sale material



We believe in the influence of well designed packaging on the consumer’s purchasing decision. Combined with Point of Sale (POS) material, the packaging highlights the perceived value of the product and draws attention in a crowded retail space.


For these reasons, we place a strong emphasis on design and select the highest quality printing partners to captivate and excite consumers.


Our mission


Let’s spice up your products !


We are a fast-expanding and international Trade Marketing and Product Design agency. For over 5 years, we have proven our specialisation in bringing added-value to our clients’ products.



    Our team dedicates its energy to create a buzz on the floors of retailers & e-tailers. And in the hearts of consumers.


   We enhance the benefits of your products. The added-value boosts your visibility and sales performance.


   We are committed to carry out 100% of the concept delivery, from the design of new accessories to communication campaigns to support your strategy.


   Our service includes market research, concept creation, product development, manufacturing, packaging, printing, kitting and logistics. We offer an end-to-end solution with the greatest care and flexibility.


   We always select the highest quality manufacturing and printing partners.


   We optimise time and costs; your satisfaction is our motivation.




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